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Do’s and Don’ts’ of men Styling:

When it comes to Men Fashion, they always have limited choices for colours, material, stuff and even designs. They wear a plain dress with dull colours and dark colours. When it comes to accessories they only have limited choices as well. Belts, ties and watches,  That’s all they have. Many men follow the same dress code which they set for themselves for years and they can’t even think of changing it. Some of them, keep on buying the same colours and irony as they have no choice but to buy the same colour with very little changes.

In this article, we’ll try to give some Tips and tricks for those men, who feel bored and want to change themselves but are afraid to have experimented. Here are some do and don’t what you need to keep in mind while changing your wardrobe, altogether.

Haircut and Hairstyle:


Men usually avoid visiting barber shop when they tend to change their hairstyle, whether they want long hair or some other style which includes longer hair than they already have. But, they end up with the messy hair that looks rough and they fail to look decent when they try to style out for some kind of function or an event. They also fail to look good and smart with new trends.
The key solution to this problem is to visit any barber shop and make clear that you don’t want to short your hair, just you need styling. They will just trim your hair with the same length as they are expert in their work and they can give you good advice additionally, in case if that style doesn’t suit you. Make a wise choice and visit some good barber shop for styling your hair. It will give you a fresh look. Make Sure to visit your barber shop, at least once in a month, to look good in a decent way.

Dresses that won’t fit;


Some people do not hesitate whatever they find in their closet to wear without giving even a single thought. Some men do some mistakes while buying a dress or shirt that doesn’t fit them in a proper way, whether it’s a T-shirt or dress shirt. In the case of T-shirts, their belly always comes out and in the dress shirt, the buttons are about to break out, but they always avoid this thing and that looks Ugly.
Stop wearing a shirt that is too losing or to tight it gives the very bad impression to others, who spot you in that look. Same is the case with pants whether its jeans or dress pants, few people wear pants that are long in length and they don’t trim it out or fold it. Just like not-so fitted shirts, It does not give a nice-decent look. Always chose the dress that is well fitted to your body type and makes you look good.
The dressing does depict personality, but it marks an important impression on people around you. It’s time to leave your old shirts and pants, go shopping and do not forget to add a nice and matching tie.



Jeans is considered to be one of the most likeable and attractive wearables for boys and men in the outfit of all times. Some people hesitate to buy them, but as if the color of your jeans has been faded up, your jeans is gone. In this case, Replace your jeans regularly, or you make some changes and show some creativity, convert it into casual wear or for boy’s day out, rip it off a little bit and make it more stylish, as Ripped or patched jeans look to be more fashionable and trendy nowadays. And for the future watch your jeans regular and take care of its colour so it gives you a fresh new look.

Colour choice:


Do not buy too many colourful shirts and jeans, limit your colour choices as lots of colours do not suite a man’s personality. The other idea is that you can do partition in casual wears and formal wears, try to avoid mixing up your office dresses, with a casual one. Funky colour doesn’t look good in an office setting, as well as in a party or so. A gentleman, look better in limited colours of dresses, which suites him.


Shoes play an important role in a lifestyle while good shoes, give an extra charm in your personality. The most important thing to consider here is the quality of shoes that you chose for yourself. The color of the shoes is important, well as its comfort level is also a thing to be considered while buying a pair for shoes for you. The quality of shoes matters a lot as low quality shoes expire in no time so buy good quality shoes as it a long-time investment. Try black and brown shoes in the formal setting because it goes with all color. But in causal you can go for contras like color full shirts and matching shoes.

Experimenting with outfits:


White, black and gray are the safe colors for mans’ wear as it is considered to be more ‘Classic’ for them. And if you want to change some colours for Summer and want to enjoy the contrast experiments, then you can wear Yellow, orange, skin and brown with the traditional color of jeans like Royal-blue or black as well.
If you want to do some bold experiments, then look into your skin tone and try the colors that suits you well but avoid making your self-ice-cream or candy that end up in giving you a non-serious attire.

Traditional Wear:

Image result for shalwar kameez design for men Image result for shalwar kameez design for men

The traditional dresses like Shalwar Kamees is also a safe choice, and it is all time favorite in casual and formal wears as well. Some people add Waste coat of different styles and colors accordingly, to make it look more Traditional. Chose nice colours of traditional dresses that look good on you. White dress with a black waistcoat suits Some people but not everyone so don’t go with that all the time. And if you don’t want to wear waste coat then plain Shalwar Kamees of light colour in Summer looks good and decent. Some people mix kurta with jeans it also looks good but avoids it in office settings, rather use it in parties or family gathering. In parties or functions, kurtas with a little bit of print or patch on it look good with heavy shalwar or jeans, but again, wear whatever looks good and you can easily carry on.

With the passage of time, fashion trends are moving forward and, people want to experiment with their clothing habits and they are very keen to try new trends. But always keep this in mind that you can buy reasonable dresses aa t nominal price. Wear clean and proper iron dress and be confident what you wear.

One Last thing, don’t ever try to copy styles and dressing sense from others. if a style suite a person near you, maybe that doesn’t suit you and make you look ugly, that’s not a good thing. and at the same time, wear whatever you can carry out easily.


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