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traditional yet stylish:

How to stay traditional yet stylish?

Whenever we talk about style the very first thing that pops in our mind is a wardrobe filled with designer outfits. which of course, not all of us can afford.

When we talk about traditions, the automated image plays in our mind, a housewife, with tangled hair, the dress covered with stains and blotches.

Our main purpose to write this is to help women feel beautiful in a trendy way. All you need to do is follow these simple and easy tips.

Styling is not always about wearing some expressive brand outfits, shoes or expensive accessories, the new definition of fashion is what suits you well. Normally one can buy expensive things on occasions like Eid and Weddings but what about other days of the year?

Let us discuss what a traditional housewife, girl or women can do in order to look trendy yet stylish. By following this step-to-step guide you can save your time and give more time to make up and other things.

Here are Some Rules and tips/tricks to Look stylish & Glamorous, in Traditional way:

  • Plan your outfit; The most important thing in our personality is the dress we select for any occasion, for example, is it a marriage function? some birthday celebration? party or any get-to-gather? Planning in advance can actually save your time.
  • Time of the event; What is the timing like is it a day function? Or dinner? Next thing is what dress are you going to wear? Or you need to shop?
  • Follow the latest trends; We can do some research using the internet to find out what dress we can go with or can we mix the modern dress with some traditional touch. Your tailor can help you come up with a masterpiece. If you already have a dress, then you can skip this step.
  • Wear accessories; Accessories play a very important role in Styling, from handbag to our traditional jewellery like earrings, rings, bangles and pendant.
  • Follow the rule of Less is More; This is a new trend in the fashion industry. It implies on colour, Shade and tone of your dress and the accessories you carry on with. Like if you wear Light print, n casual tone kind of dress, and wear some light, casual jewellery with Zero-makeup palette, then this will help you look more trendy and is good for everyday routine. If you wear a heavy embroided dress, you can go with the same tone of jewellery. but if you just limit the classic heavy jewellery to just earrings and bangles if you like, and with a suitable traditional makeup, this will make you look more glamorous and is just suitable for special occasions.
  • Don’t copy; It is very important to have your own style if you don’t have then create one. Just don’t try to copy others like some people directly copy the whole dress. If some dress suits her it does not guarantee that it will suit you as well, maybe she looks good in that dress as it matches her body type and so avoid copying and take some advice from your friends and family members.
  • What is your body type? This concept is known to very few people. In modern fashion, they make the dress according to the body type of women. What are different types and what to wear, is another debate. There are some dresses which suit well with thin body type and some go well or in other words contour bulky women. Choose the dress accordingly.
  • Careful with the shoes; Previously we talked about dress as it is a very important part of our outfit. But we cannot deny the importance of shoes. Chose shoes according to weather and occasion. You cannot wear high heels for outings but you can go for flat or medium heel shoes, and in winter go for long shoes and sneakers.
  • Know the occasion; We keep on talking about the importance of all other points to know exactly what is the occasion like in marriage, you go for loud colours, heavy dress and jewellery. In a birthday party, you need to wear a party dress which is semi-formal and you add accessories accordingly. The choice of colour and stuff also matters. You cannot carry the clutches with pearl when you go for outing and also metallic shoes give an odd look as well so choose wisely.
  • Right makeup; Makeup plays a very important role in your total outlook like right make choice can change your whole personality. Lip gloss and light eyeliner is the perfect choice for a casual look which you have in daily routine. Matt lipstick with smoky eyes and blush on suits very well in wedding functions. And for the party look, you can go for somehow light shimmery looks.
  • Style and Age; Age is an important factor in determining the style our traditions change with age level. Some outlooks are patronising for young girls even style, cuts and fabric is also particular, likewise we also associate colours such as dull, light colours are preferred at mature age but if you want to go somehow style you can add one dark or bright colour shawl to give a classy look.
  • Fitness; Fitness or weight loss add another plus to your style, here we don’t talk about dieting but healthy body mass is also playing an important role in styling you. Exercise or simple walk for half an hour can give you an active body with no extra body fats that actually don’t fit well in your beautiful dress. Now a day we cannot deny the fact of smartness, most of the things suit very well when your weight is under control.
  • Be confident; The key idea of this point is you need to feel beautiful yourself. Be confident on what you wear that add extra points in being stylish. Don’t feel bad about being traditional, as it is classy. if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing. your high heel shoes create discomfort and you cannot walk then it is a big no. you did not go to any party or occasion to just to sit around and watch people. If a style is not comfortable its impact is also negative on yourself and people around you. Always stay confident in your skin, at the end of the day your own well-being and comfort are important.

(An article by Dr. Anila Khan)

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